Blazorise 0.8.8


Happy new year! After a brief holiday I’m pleased to announce the finished Blazorise 0.8.8. This release comes packed with many new features and bug fixes.



Since DataGrid is the biggest and most complex component within Blazorise it is only natural that it will be worked on and improved in every release.

The biggest change in 0.8.8 is the ability to work with large datasets without loading them entirely in memory. This is accomplished by introducing the new ReadData event handler. The new event is responsible for loading and assigning the data back to the DataGrid. Blazorise isn’t opinionated on how to load the data. So you’re free to use whatever. Be it a call to Rest-API, database call, etc. see more

Icon Styles

Thanks to the help from @WillianGruber now it’s possible to define icon style along with the icon name. Currently supported styles are Solid, Regular, Light and DuoTone. If nothing is specified the default will be Solid.

Breaking changes


The signature of DataGrid PageChanged event is changed from using a string as an event argument to using of the new DataGridPageChangedEventArgs. This way it’s easier to handle the paginations.

Before After
Action<string> EventCallback<DataGridPageChangedEventArgs>


Removed RowSaving event and replaced it with two additional events. RowInserting and RowUpdating are now used to handle separate operations that were previously handled by one event and it was difficult to distinguish the insert from update. With these new events this will now be much more easier.

All Changes

List of all bug fixes and features in this release.


  • #345 Control Gradient Colors in Theme generator
  • #446 Support for character casing
  • #332 Added Focus() for input component
  • #481 Text attributes for text-based components

Bug Fixes

  • #433 Modal default button for ENTER
  • #328 Implement Skip().Take() on DataGrid
  • #296 DataGrid no longer scrolls after Popup
  • #352 BarBrand theme color
  • #368 Outlined Button Color after click
  • #337 Fixed IsRounded in theme generator
  • #346 Checkbox component color (material)
  • #357 Snackbar Location offset
  • #307 Tooltip on Button in ButtonGroup breaks ButtonGroup
  • #326 RowRemoved EventCallback still called if RowRemoving Action is cancelled
  • #344 ModalBody with MaxHeight vertical scroll position is not reset on 2nd show
  • #360 NumericEdit not working with @bind-Value
  • #300 Autocomplete not calling SelectedValueChanged
  • #471 Alert Close Button
  • #329 Better handling of DataGrid pagination links


Big thanks to all the contributors!

Closing notes

That leaves us with 0.8.8. From now on, all my effort will be put to the next 0.9 milestone. It will be the biggest release in awhile, and will bring many new components, new CSS provider(s) and a lot of refactoring. Right now I don’t have plan to work on any 0.8.x unless there are some major bugs that cannot be waited until 0.9.

And as always if you enjoy working with Blazorise please leave a star on GitHub or click on the star-badge bellow. Also consider becoming a Patron or donate via Buy me a Coffee or PayPal!