Introducing The Blazorise MVC Award Program

Outstanding achievements are accompanied by excellent results.

They are occasionally recognized with awards. Blazorise improves day by day as a result of the activities of its numerous community members. We are delighted and grateful that this is the case. This is why Blazorise created an award program to properly recognize the most valuable community members. MVC (Most Valuable Contributor) awards are given to members who have made significant contributions to the development of Blazorise.

What's the prize? 🏆

The MVC (Most Valuable Contributor) Award is a global recognition program for recognized Blazorise contributors and community leaders actively supporting technical communities through unique, innovative, and consistent knowledge sharing. These community leaders actively support the developer and Blazorise communities worldwide, assisting them in learning, building, and using our products.

You can learn more about the Blazorise MVC Program, which seeks to recognize future community leaders.

MVC Award for Mitchel

How to win the MVC Award? 🎲

Once a year, at the annual meeting, the MVC Awards are given to individuals who, during the previous year, went above and beyond the call of duty within the Blazorise work areas by making many contributions throughout the year, as well as effectively moving the consensus process forward. Both the quantity and quality of the contributions are taken into consideration.

So, what are the conditions for winning? 👇

Be a contributor to the codebase

Qualified applicants should use their abilities to discover and recommend improvements to Blazorise products and services via official feedback channels (e.g., GitHub) or work on open-source extensions within the ecosystem. Applicants should regularly contribute to Blazorise codebase by raising quality PRs, and improving and introducing new features to the Blazorise products and services.

Be a technical expert

Community leaders must be well-versed in Blazorise products, services, and open-source technologies. Qualifying applicants should be able to demonstrate their technical expertise through community service in terms of blog posts, articles, tutorials, etc.

Be a great advocate for the community

Use your technical knowledge to advocate in the technical community. Qualifying applicants should raise local and global awareness of Blazorise products and services through authentic connections, online/offline activities, and community enablement.

💡We are always looking for fantastic community leaders to become the next Blazorise MVC.

This year, we internally selected six MVCs whose work deserved reward. Here are some great examples of our MVCs and the passion, community spirit, and leadership they showed to earn the MVC award. 👇

🎗️Egil Hansen, Iceland - GitHub Profile

🎗️Mitchell Currey, UK - GitHub Profile

🎗️Niek Jannink, Ecuador - GitHub Profile

🎗️Simon Cropp, Australia - GitHub Profile

🎗️Eugene Pistrak, USA - GitHub Profile

🎗️Stef Heyenrath, Netherlands - GitHub Profile

These awards highlight and celebrate those who have risen to the top of their game. 🏆