Just like the previous version this one will also be just a quick upgrade to the latest version of .NET Core 3.1. Specifically to the preview 2.

All new features and bug fixes are still planned to be available in the next Blazorise version 0.8.7.


You need to update your Visual Studio to 16.4 and also install newest .Net Core SDK before you get the latest Blazorise. The upgrade process is fairly easy and there should not be any problems. Just follow the official guide. After you update to the latest Visual Studio and .NET Core SDK you should be safe to get the latest Blazorise

Closing notes

In case you missed the notification and why the v0.8.7 is so long in the development. I got the new job and didn’t have much time to work on the project because there was a lot of things happening at once while moving. Everything is over now and I should be on track as before so please be patient. The new version will bring a lot of bug fixes and new features.

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