Blazorise 0.8.3



Starting from 0.8.1 and up to 0.9 the plan is to refactor some parts of Blazorise to clean the code from the design decisions introduced in the past. With this relase we’re steadily moving toward the clean 0.9 milestone. Again a lot or refactoring was done based on the features introduced in the latest release of Blazor preview 8.


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Breaking changes

Components Renamings

In the older versions of Blazor, component names were case-insensitive so it was imposible to have component names similar to the native html elements. For example Button component was recognized as <button> element so to overcome this the Button component had to be named SimpleButton. The same rule had to be applied to all other similar components.

Latest Blazor preview 8 finally removed this limitation which brings us here. Component names are now case-sensitive. A lot of components are being renamed so there is going to be some changes in your project(s). For the most part you can just do a quick find-and-replace tool to refactor your code or you can use old-and-proven manual refactoring.

Full list of renamed components:

< 0.8.3 >= 0.8.3
SimpleButton Button
FormLabel Label
TableContainer Table
SimpleFigure Figure
SimpleForm Form
SimpleText Text
ProgressGroup Progress


DataGrid edit mode InRow is renamed to Inline so make sure to update that as well.



Tooltip is the only new component in this release. It was requested several times but since not all of the css providers have support for tooltips I had to find out the best way to handle it. Also I wanted to do it without any javascript. Final solution was to handle it with custom css that is placed in the Blazorise root project. For now it supports only text as tooltip content but I plan to extend it to accept any type of content.


The biggest new feature is the Popup edit mode. In this mode the cell values can be edited in the modal dialog. Just as in other edit modes the editing fields are being generated dynamically based on the grid settings.


Template parameters for command buttons is the next big feature. With this feature it’s now possible to customize the look and feel of command buttons like New, Edit, Cancel, etc.


Other smaller features are:

  • Styling of grid table is now possible thanks to the new attributes on DataGrid component.
    • IsStriped
    • IsBordered
    • IsBorderless
    • IsHoverable
    • IsNarrow
  • It’s now possible to un-select row while holding the Ctrl key and clicking on row.
  • Row selection is disabled if any row is currently being edited.
  • Added new FilterMethod attribute.


  • Every chart shows up as Line Chart on latest package upgrade #210

Final notes

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Thats all for now. Have fun with Blazorise 0.8.3 new features!