Blazorise 0.8.1


This release is mainly bringing some bug fixes and improvements based on the reports for 0.8 version.



The grid now supports nested field. Than means that it’s now possible to define a column than can get or set a value from the sub-model. more


The nasty bug with wrong color filing for charts in server-side Blazor is finally fixed. The issue was present for a long time and just couldn’t find the solution. Finally thanks to jdtcn the issue is fixed. The problem was in formatting color alpha value to string. Instead of formatting it as decimal with the ‘.’ as a separator it was formatted according to current culture info which in some regions is ‘,’. The simple ToString( CultureInfo.InvariantCulture ) was enough.

Also added Animation to the chart options to be able to control the animation duration or to disable it completely.


  • Added an option to clear selected value and search field in the Autocomplete component.
  • Added keyboard navigation for filtered items.
  • Added Size attribute for search field.


In the version 0.8 the option to theme a Snackbar was left missing. So here it is, theming is now possible for Snackbar also.

Bug Fixes

  • Visibility not working for Edit components #183
  • CardTitle “Size” property ignored was ignored for Material CSS #149


  • Thanks to jdtcn for finding a solution for bug in server-side charts. #115