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Blazorise Community is truly free and open source. When you require more, you may choose a package that fits your organization's needs.

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(per developer, royalty-free subscription)
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  • Everything from Blazorise Community
  • Premium forum support
  • Dedicated customer support with 24 hour response time

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(per developer, royalty-free subscription)
(VAT may apply, get final price)
  • Everything from Blazorise Professional
  • Premium themes
  • Priority customer support with 16 hour response time
  • Priority fixes and feature requests

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(a custom plan to suit any large enterprise)
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For individuals

Any individual developer can use Blazorise Community to create their own apps for free.

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An unlimited number of users within an organization can use Blazorise Community in a Non-Commercial Manner way for the following scenarios: in a classroom learning environment, for academic research, or for contributing to open source projects.

Unlimited access

Get unlimited access to our 80+ components.

Community support

Community License holders have access to our community support system via the public forum on GitHub, and Discord channels,

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Unlimited number of applications
Premium themes
1 year premium forum support
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Guaranteed response time 24 hours 16 hours Custom
Priority fixes and feature requests
Blazorise Mentor
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The renewal is automatic if it was activated through our partner It will recur after the subscription period ends. You can cancel your subscription at any time.
By ending the yearly subscription you will no longer get free Blazorise updates, access to our support web and access to our private repositories. The last Blazorise version that was at the time of ending the yearly subscription will stay with you and you can continue to use it.
Yes. Blazorise licenses are perpetual. Perpetual means that the Professional features are available after the subscription ends. Product updates and support are only available during the subscription period.
Blazorise Professional and Blazorise Enterprise include dedicated support over our support forum during the subscription period.
All developers contributing to a project that uses any of the commercial products need to have a valid license.
If freelancers are using Blazorise for their client projects, they would be considered as developers who are using Blazorise in their work. Therefore, they would need to obtain a commercial license for Blazorise if their client company has over $1M in annual revenue and they are coding directly with Blazorise. The responsibility for obtaining the necessary Blazorise licenses would depend on the terms of the agreement between the freelancer and their client company.
No. Your client doesn't need to purchase Blazorise license.
You have the option to tailor the agreements that best suit your needs.
Blazorise Mentor provides you with a personal Blazorise expert to assist you on your Blazorise journey. Consider your mentor to be a senior developer who can answer difficult questions about Blazorise and web development in person or via the communication tool of your choice. Blazorise Mentor keeps you out of common pitfalls and can have a significant impact on the productivity and quality of your team.
Packaged services are the service offerings most favored by our consulting customers that we bundle together and make available to Enterprise customers.
Our pricing is shown in USD, and also charges are made in USD.
Yes, get in touch with us at