Blazorise v1.2

Maintenance release: Blazorise 1.2.2

It’s been a while since our last stable release! And this is not the long anticipated 1.3, nor 2.0, but simply a Blazorise 1.2.2 maintenance release to fix a handful of issues in the current 1.2 stable branch.

But don’t worry – the feature release 1.3 is going forward as planned.

For a detailed overview of the bug fixes from the last version, read the 1.2 support notes.


Here are the main changes since 1.2.0:

  • #4020 TimeOnly TimePicker gives wrong time
  • #4618 Fix DataGrid command cell spacing
  • #4614 Short Hex throws exception
  • #4638 DataGrid : Add StateHasChanged after IsLoading is set to true
  • #4631 Fix cropper dotnet interop exceptions
  • #4622 Autocomplete keydown issue when dropdown is closed
  • #4449 DatePicker keyboard events not triggered
  • #4058 BarToggler Clicked only fired every second time when visibility is set to true
  • #4660 Unable to create tests for Modals due to dependency on injected internal ModalSharedContext
  • #4646 AddOn icon is incorrectly positioned below DatePicker
  • #4670 Docs: missing css link fod BS5
  • #4673 Select multiple dates and query in linq
  • #4640 Autocomplete - Strange behaviour with SelectedValue triggering (1.2.1)

Known incompatibilities

As of now, there are no known incompatibilities with the previous Blazorise 1.2.x releases. We encourage all users to upgrade to 1.2.2.

If you experience any unexpected behavior change in your projects after upgrading to 1.2.2, please file an issue on GitHub.

Commercial Support

Blazorise, an open-source component library, is maintained by Megabit Ltd, a small organization based in Croatia. We are strong advocates of the open-source ecosystem, which is why we offer Blazorise through our Community licenses at no cost. However, if you are part of a large organization and would like to support the project, we suggest purchasing a commercial license to help us maintain a sustainable business. This will enable us to continue developing Blazorise.

With a commercial license, you will have access to premium forum support, private repositories and community-licensed themes. To learn more about commercial licenses, please visit our website at Blazorise Commercial.