Update for the 1.0 release - patch 5

Blazorise 1.0.5

Another update for our 1.0 Blazorise is now available. Many improvements are included in this release, as well as contributions from our community members. All of the changes are detailed below.


  • #3742 FileEdit : Fix Missing UpdateFileStartedAsync on OpenReadStream + reset progress PR
  • #3770 Autocomplete Component, hides previous selected items in the dropdown
  • #3815 Error 'Chart' property not accessible for unidentified object.
  • #3789 DataGrid Validation causes an exception if a computed property is present in class
  • #3758 Button used for "Split Dropdown" does not close the dropdown
  • #3799 AutoComplete with Multiple has problems showing the selected values when they are set through parameter
  • #3795 DataGrid with EmptyTemplate in VirtualizeManualReadMode does not load data
  • #3797 A couple fixes for bugs related to rapid double-clicking of MessageAlert and Modal buttons PR
  • #3786 Docs: adds missing comments PR
  • #3784 Show suitable error when something is missing in validation
  • #3852 Fix border utility theme colors PR
  • #3767 When InputMask bound value is set to null, InputMask does not update its value internally
  • #3798 DatePicker's DateChanged occurs when date is changed in parent and passed through parameter
  • #3757 NumericPicker: View/Display breaks when control's Disabled property is changed
  • #3869 DatePicker: Improve SetParametersAsync and prevent incorrect DateChanged or DatesChanged PR


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