Update for the 1.0 release

Blazorise 1.0.1

I guess no big release can escape from some unintentional bugs. So in this regular update for v1.0, we're bringing some of the most critical fixes reported by the community.

Please update your projects and let us know if any problems arise.

Change Log

  • #3538 Missing Title options on Scales for chart
  • #3531 NumericPicker does not show all decimals until next hover
  • #3529 NumericPicker with CurrencySymbol can't set value
  • #3542 Documentation of BlazoriseOptions.EnableNumericStep outdated
  • #3536 Autocomplete - can't reset SelectedValue
  • #3420 Clicking on Autocomplete item throws NullReference Exception in .Net 6
  • #3547 NumericPicker does not bind value when using CurrencySymbolPlacement and CurrencySymbol
  • #3530 Better formatting of default sort template