Update for the 0.9.5 release - patch 3


The new update fixes most of the problems on the DataGrid component. We also bring the new localizations, with the help of @ItsTahaRehman.

Change Log

  • #3149 Problem in PopupClosing Event of Datagrid.
  • #3192 DataGridMultiSelectColumn produces DataGridSelectReason.RowClick.
  • #3194 DataGridMaxHeigh Missing in DataGrid FixedHeaderDataGridHeight ignored on Virtualize=true.
  • #3207 Documentation - Docs/Components/Selects/SelectPage.razor could use more detail.
  • #1705 Datagrid - Unselect child data grid.
  • #3233 Datagrid SelectedRows not Resetting/Clearing as expected.
  • #3205 (PR) Added czech translations for components


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