First update for the 0.9.5 release


Hello, again!

In this release, we bring you some very important fixes for the v0.9.5 that we received from the community. One of the major issues we got was the bug with the newly introduced JS modules, where some nasty null exceptions would occur in rare cases. I must admit it was hard to track and reproduce but we managed to fix it. David help on tracking the real problem and helping with testing was the most valuable.

Not to mention, other reported issues are also fixed and you can see them all below.

Change Log

  • #3122 JSInterop Exception using Tooltip in v0.9.5
  • #3129 Update list of supported languages
  • #3133 ExtractHexDigits high CPU Usage + Time
  • #3136 SnackbarStack title not displayed
  • #3151 TableHeaderCell in DetailRowTemplate of virtualized DataGrid is shifted
  • #3144 [Docs] Displayable's default value
  • #3145 Modal documentation typo
  • #3152 PR Support types without object equal operator ( extend test for DateTime, TimeSpan ) #3152 PR
  • #3171 Check inside Dropdown doesn't work anymore
  • #3157 Carousel - 'Timer' Causing ObjectDisposedException
  • #3178 Data grid filter causes page to reload when enter is pressed and only one column is filterable
  • #3149 Problem in PopupClosing Event of Datagrid
  • #3150 Button Issue Migrating on RC 1 to 0.9.5 on .NET 6.0 RTM


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