v0.9.4 - patch 2 release notes


This patch release brings more bug fixes than usual. Which makes sense considering how many changes we introduced with v0.9.4 release.

The most nasty bug was with the DataGrid edit mode where it would raise an exception if you had any nested field as a complex object. But David was quick to investigate and issue a fix along with more unit tests so that it doesn't repeat in the future.

In any case, Blazorise should be much stable now so just grab new NuGets and update your projects ūüí™

Change Log

  • #2706 Bulma class .is-rounded is wrongly set
  • #2704 In documentation, services link leads to a 404
  • #2709 Tooltip doesn't display when Inline is true
  • #2702 Modal dialog moves content
  • #2678 Tooltip JS exception in 0.9.4
  • #2712 Unable to change TooltipOptions.MaxWidth in Blazorise theme
  • #2722 DatagridEditMode.Popup don't close Dialog after Save
  • #2734 Datagrid-multi-selection: Re-populating the underlying list and maintaining the selection results in a wrong selection
  • #2726 Bar chart click
  • #2695<LayoutHeader Fixed="true"> causes overlap of LayoutContent
  • #2747 Sider layout with header on top does not render properly
  • #2752 Bootstrap+Material-Demo: Left-Aligned Snackbar hidden behind sidebar-menu
  • #2758 Error when edit button clicked in datagrid row with a complex object property
  • #2741 Add Slovak language resources
  • #2748 Slovak localization corrections


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