Blazorise Templates Guide

The Blazorise Templates allows you to quickly setup a Blazor project of your choice (Server or WebAssembly), with any of our Providers, and with a default starting look.

The Blazorise Templates are based on the dotnet templates feature.

Install packages

You do so by using the CLI dotnet new install feature.
dotnet new install Blazorise.Templates


We use our Templates versioning to match & install the latest corresponding Blazorise major & minor version.

For example:

  • Blazorise.Templates: 1.1.* will always try to install the latest 1.1 Blazorise
  • Blazorise.Templates: 1.2.* will always try to install the latest 1.2 Blazorise
  • Blazorise.Templates: 1.3.* will always try to install the latest 1.3 Blazorise
  • and so on...

If you want to install a specific version, you may do so by passing in the desired version.

dotnet new install Blazorise.Templates::1.1.0

Create New Project

With Blazorise.Templates installed you may now use the CLI or the Visual Studio IDE to create your new Blazorise solution!

Both options provide you with several parameters to create a new Blazorise solution. In this document you will find some sample commands to create your customized solution.


Blazorise CLI is the fastest way to start a new solution with the Blazorise components.

The new blazorise command creates a Blazorise solution or other artifacts based on an Blazorise template. Take note that you may ommit the options and the defaults for those will be considered.

dotnet new blazorise -n MyNewBlazoriseApp -p Bootstrap5 -bh Server -ut false -f net7.0

Visual Studio IDE

When creating a new Project, you will find a new Project Type, Blazorise App.

Blazorise Templates

After choosing the project type you will be presented with extra options to customize your project.

Blazorise Templates Options


Name Description Type Default

The target framework for the project.

  • net6.0
  • net7.0
  • net8.0

Choice net7.0

Specifies the project blazor host type.

  • Server
  • WebAssembly
  • WebApp (It is of note that this option mirrors the new .NET8 blazor web app template with the RenderMode feature and is adapted to work with Blazorise, and as such is only supported in .NET8)

Choice Server

Specifies the Blazorise CSS provider that will be used to render components.

  • Bootstrap4
  • Bootstrap5
  • Tailwind
  • Material
  • AntDesign
  • Bulma
  • FluentUI2

Choice Server
-ut Whether the program entry point, should use top level statements. bool true
-tcolor-primary The Theme's starting primary color. string #0288D1
-tcolor-secondary The Theme's starting secondary color. string #A65529
-tcolor-success The Theme's starting success color. string #23C02E
-tcolor-info The Theme's starting info color. string #9BD8FE
-tcolor-warning The Theme's starting warning color. string #F8B86C
-tcolor-danger The Theme's starting danger color. string #F95741
-tcolor-light The Theme's starting light color. string #F0F0F0
-tcolor-dark The Theme's starting dark color. string #535353
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