Enums: Text


Defines the alignment of an text within element.

  • None No alignment will be applied.
  • Start Aligns the text to the left.
  • Center Centers the text.
  • End Aligns the text to the right.
  • Justified Stretches the lines so that each line has equal width.


Defines the text transformation.

  • None No capitalization. The text renders as it is. This is default.
  • Lowercase Transforms all characters to lowercase.
  • Uppercase Transforms all characters to uppercase.
  • Capitalize Transforms the first character of each word to uppercase.


Defines the text weight.

  • None No weight will be applied.
  • Normal Defines normal characters. This is default.
  • Bold Defines thick characters.
  • Light Defines lighter characters.


Determines how the text will behave when it is larger than a parent container.

  • None No overflow will be applied.
  • Wrap Text will wrap into a new line when it reaches the end of container.
  • NoWrap Prevents text from wrapping.
  • Truncate Truncate the text with an ellipsis.


Defines the visibility for screen readers.

  • Always Default.
  • Only Hide an element to all devices except screen readers.
  • OnlyFocusable Show the element again when it’s focused.


Lists values that specify the type of mask used by an editor.

  • None Specifies that the mask feature is disabled.
  • Numeric Specifies that the editor should accept numeric values and that the mask string must use the Numeric format syntax.
  • DateTime Specifies that the editor should accept date/time values and that the mask string must use the DateTime format syntax.
  • RegEx Specifies that the mask should be created using full-functional regular expressions.