Enums: DataGrid


  • Contains search for any occurrence (default)
  • StartsWith search only the beginning
  • EndsWith search only the ending
  • Equals search must match the entire value
  • NotEquals opposite of Equals


  • Single The data grid can only be sorted by one column at a time.
  • Multiple The data grid can sorted by multiple columns.


  • Single The data grid only supports a row selected at a time.
  • Multiple The data grid enables multiple rows to be selected.


  • Default Default state which means that both defined commands and button row will render.
  • Commands Only defined commands will render.
  • ButtonRow Only button row will render.


  • Top Positions the pagination above the table.
  • Bottom Positions the pagination below the table.
  • TopAndBottom Positions the pagination on above and below the table.


  • Top Positions the aggregate row above the table data as the last table header row.
  • Bottom Positions the aggregate row in the footer of the table.
  • TopAndBottom Positions the aggregate row with both Top and Bottom definition.


Specifies the direction of a sort operation.

  • None No sorting will be applied.
  • Ascending Sorts in ascending order.
  • Descending Sorts in descending order.


Defines the Select Reason of the DataGrid Selection.

  • RowClick Row has been clicked.
  • MultiSelectClick Multi select has been triggered.
  • MultiSelectAll Multi select all has been triggered.


Defines the DetailRowTriggerType of the DataGrid's DetailRow.

  • Manual Trigger is manually controlled by invoking the Datagrid's ToggleDetailRow
  • RowClick Triggers on row click.