Bar enums

Quicky manage the layout and behavior of the Bar component.


Defines how the bar will be collapsed.

  • BarCollapseMode.Hide Bar will be hidden completely when collapsed.
  • BarCollapseMode.Small Bar will be collapsed into smaller version with icons.


Bar orientation and menu display.

  • BarMode.Horizontal Horizontal navbar with dropdown menus.
  • BarMode.VerticalPopout Vertical navbar with pop-out menus.
  • BarMode.VerticalInline Vertical navbar with inline dropdown menus.
  • BarMode.VerticalSmall Small vertical navbar with pop-out menus.


Defines the look and position of the bar toggler.

  • BarTogglerMode.Normal The standard inline bar toggler. Supported by Horizontal and Vertical BarModes.
  • BarTogglerMode.Popout A popout style bar toggler. Supported only on Vertical BarModes.
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