What is Blazorise?

Blazorise is a user interface component library made on top of a web framework called Blazor, and CSS frameworks like Boostrap, Bulma or Material. Blazorise has two core principles:

  1. keep stuff simple
  2. be extendable

Why should I use Blazorise?

It gives you a set of components that you can use to easily create a single page application. That way you can save time and don’t need to waste it on building your own set of components. Just import Blazorise and start now!

How can I try out Blazorise?

To try Blazorise please check out our quick start guide.

Why are some components named TextEdit, CheckEdit, etc.?

This is a known limitation in Razor and Visual Studio, and not problem by the Razor itself. Basically it’s not not possible to have components that have the same name as regular html tags(form, button, text). Likely this will change in the future but until then we’re stuck with this “weird” names for components.