Blazorise QR Code component

A component used to generate QR codes.

QR codes are great for presenting short amounts of information to people who can scan them rapidly with their smartphones. Because most smartphones come with built-in QR code scanners, simply pointing the camera at a QR code will decode it, allowing the user to browse a website, dial a phone number, read a message, and so on.



Install extension from NuGet.
Install-Package Blazorise.QRCode


In your main _Imports.razor add:
@using Blazorise.QRCode



To generate a QR code you only need to define a Value parameter.
QRCode image
<QRCode Value="" Alt="QRCode image" />


Use the DarkColor and LightColor attributes to modify the QR code's colors. You should always ensure good contrast for optimal compatibility with QR code scanners.
QRCode image
<QRCode Value="" Alt="QRCode image" DarkColor="#7474ed" />

Error Correction

QR codes can be rendered with various levels of error correction that can be set using the EccLevel attribute. This example generates four codes with the same value using different error correction levels.
QRCode image QRCode image QRCode image QRCode image
<QRCode Value="" Alt="QRCode image" EccLevel="EccLevel.L" PixelsPerModule="4" />
<QRCode Value="" Alt="QRCode image" EccLevel="EccLevel.M" PixelsPerModule="4" />
<QRCode Value="" Alt="QRCode image" EccLevel="EccLevel.Q" PixelsPerModule="4" />
<QRCode Value="" Alt="QRCode image" EccLevel="EccLevel.H" PixelsPerModule="4" />

Best Practices

Set the Alt property

To optimize your web for SEO, define the Alt parameter to describe the QR image content, eg. Alt="QRCode image".


Name Description Type Default
Value Value used for QR code generation. string
Payload Custom payload used for QR code generation. PayloadGenerator.Payload null
Alt Image alt text. string null
EccLevel The level of error correction to use. EccLevel L
DarkColor Color used as dark color. #000000
LightColor Color used as light color. #ffffff
PixelsPerModule Pixels per module. int 10
DrawQuietZones Draw quiet zones (blank margins around QR Code image). bool true