Autocomplete extension


The Autocomplete component provides suggestions while you type into the field. The component is in essence a text box which, at runtime, filters data in a drop-down by a Filter operator when a user captures a value.


The Autocomplete extension is part of the Blazorise.Components NuGet package.


Install extension from NuGet.

Install-Package Blazorise.Components



<Autocomplete TItem="MySelectModel" TValue="string"
    Placeholder="Search..." />

Data binding

    public class MySelectModel
        public int MyValueField { get; set; }
        public string MyTextField { get; set; }

    static string[] Countries = { "Albania", "Andorra", "Armenia", "Austria", "Azerbaijan", "Belarus", "Belgium", "Bosnia & Herzegovina", "Bulgaria", "Croatia", "Cyprus", "Czech Republic", "Denmark", "Estonia", "Finland", "France", "Georgia", "Germany", "Greece", "Hungary", "Iceland", "Ireland", "Italy", "Kosovo", "Latvia", "Liechtenstein", "Lithuania", "Luxembourg", "Macedonia", "Malta", "Moldova", "Monaco", "Montenegro", "Netherlands", "Norway", "Poland", "Portugal", "Romania", "Russia", "San Marino", "Serbia", "Slovakia", "Slovenia", "Spain", "Sweden", "Switzerland", "Turkey", "Ukraine", "United Kingdom", "Vatican City" };
    IEnumerable<MySelectModel> myDdlData = Enumerable.Range( 1, Countries.Length ).Select( x => new MySelectModel { MyTextField = Countries[x - 1], MyValueField = x } );

    string selectedSearchValue { get; set; }

    void MySearchHandler( string newValue )
        selectedSearchValue = newValue;


Name Type Default Description
TItem generic   Model data type.
Data IEnumerable   Data used for the search.
TextField Func   Selector for the display name field.
ValueField Func   Selector for the value field.
SelectedValue object   Currently selected value.
SelectedValueChanged event   Raises an event after the selected value has changed.
SearchChanged event   Occurs on every search text change.
Placeholder string   Placeholder for the empty search field.
MinLength int 1 Minimum number of character needed to start search.
Filter enum StartsWith Filter method used to search the data.
Disabled boolean false Disable the input field.
ChangeTextOnKeyPress bool? null If true the text in will be changed after each key press (overrides global settings).
DelayTextOnKeyPress bool? null If true the entered text will be slightly delayed before submitting it to the internal value.
DelayTextOnKeyPressInterval int? null Interval in milliseconds that entered text will be delayed from submitting to the internal value.
Validator Action<ValidatorEventArgs> null Validation handler used to validate selected value.