Time component


A native time field example with type="time".

<TimeEdit TValue="TimeSpan?" />


With bind attribute

By using bind-* attribute the selected time will be automatically assigned to the member variable.

<TimeEdit TValue="TimeSpan?" @bind-Time="@selectedTime" />

    TimeSpan? selectedTime;

With event

When using the event TimeChanged, you also must define the Time value attribute.

<TimeEdit TValue="TimeSpan?" Time="@selectedTime" TimeChanged="@OnTimeChanged" />

    TimeSpan? selectedTime;

    void OnTimeChanged( TimeSpan? Time )
        selectedTime = Time;


Name Type Default Description
Time TimeSpan? null Gets or sets the input time value.
TimeChanged event   Occurs when the time has changed.
Pattern string null The pattern attribute specifies a regular expression that the input element’s value is checked against on form submission.
Placeholder string null Sets the placeholder for the empty time.