Blazorise Step component

The Step component displays progress through numbered steps.

Similar to Tabs component, the step component have the same structure and usage.

  • <Steps> container for Step or StepPanel items
    • <Items> container for Step items
      • <Step> clickable step items
    • <Content> container for step panels
      • <StepPanel> container for step content

The Steps component is container for Step items. The Name of each step item should match the Name of a step panel(if panels are used).

  • <StepsContent> container for step panels
    • <StepPanel> container for step content

The step content container is used to hold step panels. Each content pane also has a unique Name, which is targeted by a link in the step-strip.

Most of the time you will only need to use Steps component as it is crafted to hold both clickable step items and step content. Only in the advanced scenario where the content will be separated from the step items you will need to use StepsContent component.



  • 1 Step 1
  • 2 Step 2
  • 3 Step 3
  • Finish
Content for step 1.
Content for step 2.
Content for step 3.
Content for finish.
<Steps SelectedStep="@selectedStep" SelectedStepChanged="@OnSelectedStepChanged">
        <Step Name="step1">Step 1</Step>
        <Step Name="step2">Step 2</Step>
        <Step Name="step3">Step 3</Step>
        <Step Name="step4">
                <Icon Name="IconName.Flag" />
        <StepPanel Name="step1">
            Content for step 1.
        <StepPanel Name="step2">
            Content for step 2.
        <StepPanel Name="step3">
            Content for step 3.
        <StepPanel Name="step4">
            Content for finish.
    string selectedStep = "step1";

    private Task OnSelectedStepChanged( string name )
        selectedStep = name;

        return Task.CompletedTask;


Name Description
SelectStep(string name) Sets the active step by the name.



Name Description Type Default
SelectedStep Currently selected step name. string null
SelectedStepChanged Occurs after the selected step has changed. EventCallback<string>


Name Description Type Default
Name Defines the unique step name. string null
Index Used to override item index. int? null
Completed Marks the step as completed. bool false
Color Overrides the step color. Color Default
Clicked Occurs when the button is clicked. EventCallback
Marker Custom render template for the marker(circle) part of the step item. RenderFragment
Caption Custom render template for the text part of the step item. RenderFragment


Name Description Type Default
SelectedPanel Currently selected panel name. string null
SelectedPanelChanged Occurs after the selected panel has changed. EventCallback<string>


Name Description Type Default
Name Defines the panel name that must match the corresponding step name. string null