Numeric component


Use NumericEdit to have a field for any kind if numeric values. All basic types are supported, including nullable types(int, long, float, double, decimal, etc.).

<NumericEdit Value="123" />


Since NumericEdit is a generic component you will have to specify the exact data type for the value. Most of the time it will be recognized automatically when you set the Value attribute, but if not you will just use the TValue attribute and define the type manually eg.

<NumericEdit TValue="int?" />


NumericEdit is just a specialized version of TextEdit component so all of the rules and styles are still working all the same. See TextEdit to find the list of supported attributes.

Name Type Default Description
Value string   Gets or sets the value inside the input field.
ValueChanged event   Occurs after the value has changed.
Step decimal? null Specifies the interval between valid values.
Decimals int 2 Maximum number of decimal places after the decimal separator.
DecimalsSeparator string ”.” String to use as the decimal separator in numeric values.