Memo component

Basic Memo

MemoEdit is used to create multiline text input (text-area).

<MemoEdit Rows="5" />


With bind attribute

By using bind-* attribute the text will be automatically assigned to the member variable.

<MemoEdit @bind-Text="@description" />

    string description;

With event

When using the event TextChanged, you also must define the Text value attribute.

<MemoEdit Text="@description" TextChanged="@OnDescriptionChanged" />

    string description;

    void OnDescriptionChanged( string value )
        description = value;


Name Type Default Description
Text string   Input value.
TextChanged event   Occurs after text has changed.
Plaintext boolean false Remove the default form field styling and preserve the correct margin and padding.
ReadOnly boolean false Prevents modification of the input’s value.
Disabled boolean false Prevents user interactions and make it appear lighter.
MaxLength int? null Specifies the maximum number of characters allowed in the input element.
Placeholder string   Sets the placeholder for the empty text.
Rows int? null Specifies the number lines in the input element.
Size Sizes None Component size variations.