Check component

The Check component is another basic element for user input. You can use this to supply a way for the user to toggle an option.


Note: As of v0.9 it is required to define Check value type by settings the TValue attribute.

<Check TValue="bool">Check me out</Check>


With bind attribute

<Check TValue="bool" @bind-Checked="@rememberMe">Remember Me</Check>

    bool rememberMe;

With event

<Check TValue="bool" Checked="@rememberMe" CheckedChanged="@OnRememberMeChanged">Remember Me</Check>

    bool rememberMe;

    void OnRememberMeChanged( bool value )
        rememberMe = value;


Name Type Default Description
TValue generic type   Data type of Checked value. Support types are bool and bool?.
Checked boolean false Gets or sets the checked flag.
CheckedChanged event   Occurs when the check state is changed.
Inline boolean false Group checkboxes on the same horizontal row.
Cursor Cursor Default Defines the mouse cursor based on the behavior by the current CSS framework.