Breadcrumbs are used to indicate the current page’s location. Add IsActive attribute to active BreadcrumbItem.


  • <Breadcrumb>
    • <BreadcrumbItem>
      • <BreadcrumbLink>


        <BreadcrumbLink To="#">Home</BreadcrumbLink>
        <BreadcrumbLink To="#">Library</BreadcrumbLink>
    <BreadcrumbItem IsActive="true">
        <BreadcrumbLink To="#">Data</BreadcrumbLink>


Breadcrumb component itself doesn’t have any specific public properties.

Name Type Default Description
IsActive boolean false If set to true, renders span instead of a
Name Type Default Description
To string null Link to the destination page.
Match Match All URL matching behavior for a link.
Title string null Defines the title of a link, which appears to the user as a tooltip.