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Diane Lorentz
Jan 18 - 8 min read

Announcing a free plan for small teams

As the sun rises on a new day, so does an exhilarating opportunity for teams and collaborators worldwide. Today, we're incredibly thrilled to unveil our latest offering – a Free Plan specifically tailored for small teams. Our mission has always been to empower dreamers, doers, and innovators. Recognizing the journey that small teams and startups go through, especially in their nascent stages, this plan is a nod to those beginnings.

We fondly remember the days when we were but a small group, navigating our way through the challenges that came our way. The countless late nights, brainstorming sessions, and the deep-rooted desire to make an impact. Those moments were punctuated by the many free tools and resources that we leaned on, making our journey a tad bit easier. As we grew and flourished, that feeling of gratitude never left us. And now, it’s time for us to pay it forward.

Cheerful classmates studying in park

So, what can you expect from this free plan? For starters, team collaboration just became a breeze. You can now add up to 5 members to your team without feeling a pinch in your pocket. Sharing vital documents, images, and project files is easier than ever with our 2GB cloud storage offering. And if you're the type who likes to delve deep into insights, our basic analytics tool will ensure you're always in the know about your project's performance.

But that's not all. We understand that sometimes, a helping hand or a word of advice can make all the difference. That's why we're granting access to our lively community forum as part of this free plan. Here, you can seek help, share your ideas, brainstorm, and collaborate with like-minded individuals. A treasure trove of experiences and insights awaits you.

To say that switching to Blazorise has been life-changing is an understatement. My business has tripled and I got my life back.

Nicole Grazioso

People Drinking Liquor and Talking on Dining Table Close-up Photo

Bringing the culture of sharing to everyone

One might wonder about the sustainability of such an offering. It's a valid concern. Here's the thing - our free plan acts as a stepping stone, supported by our premium offerings. As teams evolve, grow, and their needs become more intricate, many find value in upgrading to our paid plans. It’s a model built on mutual growth – beginning for free and investing when you require advanced tools and features.

  • Starting with this plan is as simple as a summer breeze. Just visit our website, choose the "Free Plan for Small Teams", send out those team member invites, and voila!

  • You're all set to embark on a new chapter of seamless collaboration.

In conclusion, a heartfelt thank you is in order. Without your unwavering support, feedback, and belief in our vision, this offering would have remained a dream. Your stories, your journey, and your aspirations inspire us every day. This new plan is our little way of saying – we're with you every step of the way. Remember, in unity there's strength. As the remarkable Helen Keller once said, "Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."