Blazorise Login Forms

The login page, which is built using Blazorise, can be used to allow users to authenticate inside your application based on a collection of templates from Blazorise.

Default login page

This example includes a form with an email and password input.

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Social media login

As an alternative, allow users to log in using their Twitter, GitHub, Apple, Google, or other social media accounts.

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Login with illustration

Use this illustration to add a striking visual element to the login form.

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Quickly input your email and password or choose a one-click sign-in with Google, Facebook, or Apple. Designed for ease, speed, and security, we've got your login needs covered!

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Sign in Two Steps PRO

Provide an added layer of security, where after entering your primary credentials, a secondary code or token is required—typically sent to a trusted device or email—to ensure the authenticity of the user and safeguard against unauthorized access.


Two Step Verification

Enter the verification code we sent to
Type your 6 digit security code
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Sign up PRO

Show user-friendly interface designed for new users, featuring fields to input essential details such as name, email, and password, enabling them to create an account and gain access to the platform or service.

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Free Trial PRO

The "30 Days Free Trial Form" offers users a gateway to experience premium features without commitment, requiring basic details to initiate a month-long complimentary access, allowing them to explore and evaluate the service firsthand.

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