Blazorise Create Forms (CRUD)

Begin with a set of forms designed for the "create" action from the CRUD layouts, each with form elements coded in Blazorise.

Default form

Use this free example of a form based on the CRUD layouts where you can create a new data entry inside your dashboard.

Add a new product

Create user form

This CRUD form example can be used to create a user in the database, with text input fields for first name, last name, password, and biography.

Add a new user

Advanced create user form

Based on this advanced CRUD create form layout, use this example to create a user data entry within your dashboard with multiple text, select, email, search, and file upload input fields.

General Information

Additional Information

Create form with accordion

When creating new advanced data entries with multiple text input fields, date pickers, dropzone upload input fields, and more, use this CRUD form with accordions to separate the content inside.

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